Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The 1% solution

Lance at BlueNC has begun reading up on the the problem of the uninsured in America, gleaning things he'll be "quoting at cocktail parties for months to come," while worrying that "it won't make a lick of practical difference."

Speaking for the 45+ million. I lost my insurance about 3 yrs ago after being laid off. I'm now making some cash, but as a contract worker, i.e., no bennies. So do I attempt to get private insurance at premium rates? What if I'm denied due to some preexisting condition (you're screwed), or I can, but at rates I will not be able to bear during the next out-of-work stint? Heck, I don't have time even to fill out the four-page medical history, I'm working such long hours. (You know, doing that responsible citizen thing.) Welcome to Bushworld.

The corporate-based model for health care is irredeemable. The corporation looks out for the corporation. Period.

When are Dems gonna start reminding voters that we believe we are all in this together, that America is only as strong as the weakest link, that alone we are, each and every one, one illness away from ruin. There, but for the grace of God, etc.

Why do we celebrate the soldier's ethic of "You watch my back; I watch yours" in films, but dismiss it as socialism in the civilian sector?

Why do Republican politicians like the president tell voters that digitizing medical records could shave 20% off the cost of the average person's medical care, yet they put their weight behind tort reform that experts say might save less than 1%?

They favor the 1% solution because they are the party of the 1% and not of the rest of us.

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