Monday, June 25, 2007

Harper's magazine "Bunny Burgers" K-Street

Ken Silverstein of Harper's goes undercover to demonstrate just how whorish K-Street can be. Would lobbyists, say, agree to give Turkmenistan a PR makeover? Sure, they're known for boiling prisoners. That just makes it more challenging. Silverstein goes all Borat on K-Street and has firms bidding for the business.

Can you say Bunny Burgers?

Worse still, Digby points to a June 21 New York Times piece about the real Turkmenistan:
Mr. Berdymukhammedov assumed office this year in a choreographed vote after the death of the previous president, Saparmurat Niyazov, the megalomaniac who had ruled the country since it reluctantly gained independence after the Soviet Union’s collapse.

A former Communist Party official who ultimately had the compliant Parliament appoint him president for life, Mr. Niyazov had combined the country’s hydrocarbon wealth and a boundless ego to generate a bizarre and extensive personality cult.

He gave himself the name Turkmenbashi, the Father of All Turkmens, commissioned golden statues in his likeness, renamed April after his mother and January after himself, and presided over a construction spree of massive white-marbled buildings that rise from the steppe over an impoverished population of five million people.
It's right out of Woody Allen:
From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. Silence! In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check. Furthermore, all children under 16 years old are now... 16 years old!

—Espositio, dictator of San Marcos, in Woody Allen's 1971 film Bananas.
Give our boys who are not entities in the executive branch a little more time and they'll be there too.

[h/t Digby]

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