Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Heat is On

A reader at Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo says what a lot of us are thinking:
It seems pretty clear to me that Bush would not be taking nearly as much heat if he'd waited for Libby to do some time in prison. So why the hurry? Was the hurry because Bush wanted to take no chance that Libby would start talking? I think it is likely it was. And that is the approach the Dems should take in keeping this story in the news: What is Bush so determined to keep hidden? The Dems can sound compassionate and reasonable by suggesting a commutation after some time in prison would not have been unreasonable. That there must be some good reason why Bush is willing to take so much political heat.
Meanwhile, is anyone remaking the famous Bush I "Revolving Door" campaign ad? It could be the beginning of Scooter's new career.

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