Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kagro X nails it

Now if we can just get the MSM to report the same:

Okay, invoking "Spanish Inquisition" was sensationalist rhetoric that left him open to discrediting, but otherwise he was spot on. Jane Hamsher sums it up:
... watch Kagro X (David Waldman of CongressMatters) on and he'll be your hero, too.

The successful hijacking of the torture debate by its proponents obscures the underlying facts, as Kagro makes abundantly clear:

1. Private contractors were conducting torture
2. It was torture for political gain
3. Pollsters should be asking if Americans support using torture to extract false confessions for political purposes, because that's what happened
This cannot be hammered home strongly enough, and is the most concise distillation of the real issue at hand I have seen.

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