Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Keep Hate Alive

I’m still trying to comprehend the kind of group psychosis (in certain quarters) behind the unblinking hatred of Muslims and the urge to slaughter them.

September 11 I understand. Osama I get (even if President Bush hasn’t). But not this.

Last year Kit Jarrell of Euphoric Reality suggested Iran be Turned Into Glass if the regime won’t abandon its nuclear ambitions (emphasis mine):

Bush needs to call the President of Iran and say very calmly:
“Currently there are aircraft on their way to you. They are fully loaded. They will be over your city, over your palace/home/cave/goat pen in approximately 24 hours. You have until they get there to make a statement agreeing to end your research.

If you do make this statement of intent, there will be a team of people from the countries you’ve pissed off that will come there and dismantle your research plants. If you give them any problems, you will learn what real problems are.

If you have not made a statement of intent to end all nuclear research by the time my aircraft get there, then I will unleash a rain of hell on your country like you have never seen. I will wipe out you, your family, your people, your buildings, and your research plants. In fact, when I’m done, your little piece of shit country will not even be inhabitable by humans. There will not be two of you left to breed. And just in case you think I’m kidding, take a look at your map. See that town right there? That one? Yeah. Well, in the time it took me to tell you this, that town ceased to exist. Oh, and by the way. Every single Iranian prisoner in our custody is now dead. We’ll drop off their bodies (from 30,000 feet) on our way through.”
For those who will tell me what a heartless bitch I am, I direct you to educate yourself as to what heartless is. It’s here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and let’s not forget here.

This is what they do without nukes. Can you really imagine what they’d do with them?
But, just who are “they,” our enemies? The first page shows Lebanese Shiites cutting themselves in a bloody religious ritual on Ashoura Day. Another shows victims of the Chechnyan school bombing by Sunni extremists. (al Qaeda Wahhabis are Sunni extremists.) There are two pages of Afghan victims of the Sunni Taliban and three pages of Iraqis with the corpses of burned American contractors in heavily Sunni Fallujah. Of the eight linked pages of disturbing photos, one solitary page is from Shiite Iran (beatings for violations of Sharia law). Gosh, what more justification does America need for slaughtering millions of Iranians?

Tough talk from bloggers such as Jarrell might be dismissed as coming from the "Kill ‘em all. Let Allah sort ‘em out." lunatic fringe. But that might suggest that these views are further from those of more widely circulated right-wing pundits with more readers and political influence. They're not.

In December, syndicated columnist Michael Reagan took issue with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for joining the “attacks” on the Bush administration during his Senate confirmation hearing. Reagan thought Gates disrespected the president by disagreeing with his claim that we are winning in Iraq. (To disagree now means to attack.)

On the conservative FrontPage web site and in my local newspaper Reagan wrote (emphasis mine):

[Gates] is a member of the Iraq Study Group and as such has signed on to their report. He comes from a group of people I know well. They think that they are the be-all and end-all, and the media fawn on them and feed their insatiable egos.

Their new way of dealing with Iraq is to figure out ways to leave. My way is more straightforward and simple: forget pandering to the Left’s pacifist instincts and just go ahead and kill the enemy, every single one of them.
A Christian patriot, Mr. Reagan will no doubt “take the gloves off” and make the process “straightforward and simple” for American troops by walking the streets of Baghdad, Ramadi and Fallujah with orange spray paint and – like New Orleans Ninth Ward homes marked for demolition – identify enemies for summary execution. If that’s too labor-intensive, perhaps he’d just light up whole neighborhoods with a laser and direct F-16s to flatten them.

While the ISG report offered recommendations for stabilizing Iraq, Reagan and others objected to the ISG's recommendations having "nothing to do with winning." The report speaks of "success" instead. Success is more about what becomes of Iraq. Winning is all about US.

Like Mark Steyn's hand-wringing over our lack of "civilizational confidence," Reagan warns of impending doom because appeasers fail to grasp the true seriousness of the Islamic threat.

Or is it the terrorist threat? Or does the distinction matter to them? It didn’t during the Iraq invasion. Iranians, Syrians, communists, Muslims, terrorists, Iraqis, leftists … what’s the difference? They all hate America and don’t think Right. Nuke 'em! (About one hour after swallowing some Civilizational Viagra ... chased with distilled water, rain water, or pure grain alcohol).

Because a Great Leader needs a Great Enemy.

“One of the keys to being seen as a great leader is to be seen as a commander-in-chief,” Bush once told a biographer. Presidents from Eisenhower to George H.W. Bush faced the Red Menace armed with an arsenal of nuclear-tipped ICBMs. So if a handful of guys hiding out in caves in Pakistan don't quite measure up, Bush & Co. must paint them as bigger and badder, so now we’re fighting a battle of civilizations. (Maybe that will impress Dad.)

It’s them or US. And anything goes.

To keep the conservative faithful stoked – to keep hate alive – there’s FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, the Michael Reagans, right-wing bloggers and others. But what I pay closest attention to is the conservative pass-it-on spam I receive.

My political spam collection runs ten-to-one conservative-to-liberal. The liberal stuff usually alerts readers to pending legislation and urges voters to write or call their congressman and senators, or send money. The right-wing spam is not designed to inform partisans -- 95% are either blatant lies or grossly misleading -- or to provoke them to action, but to keep them angry. That's all, just angry.

Gotta keep those white males on low boil until the next election.

Right-wing spam simply recommends that readers “pass it on,” to make everyone on their email list angry too. (And in the afterglow, enjoy some presidentially approved shopping?)

A fair number of my recent spams are about Islam. Not about al Qaeda, the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, but the threat to America posed by the entire Muslim world:
Can a good Muslim be a good American?

USPS new stamp

This is WAR!

The War Is for Real!

It's the Demography, Stupid
The general thrust of terrorism-related right-wing spam is that those naive fools on the left and in the MSM, those not willing to wage total war against Islamofascism just “don’t get it.”

And that, presumably, is why the Iraq occupation – sorry, war – is not going well. It’s the liberals’ fault for disrespecting the Commander-in-Chief. It's the MSM’s fault for sending out “negative waves.” And you are to blame too, because you're not angry enough. It's not because the invasion of Iraq was ill-advised, ill-conceived, ill-managed and possibly ill-egal. No, if America is going to win, true patriots have to get angrier, angry enough to nuke millions and kill the enemy, every single one of them. "Pass this one on to all your friends."


Let’s suppose I did “get it.”

You’re angry? Fine.

Now I’m angry. Your friends are angry. We’re all angry. At liberals. At the media. At terrorists. At Iraqis. At Iranians. At all Muslims: Shiite, Sunni and Sufi.

Now what?

What do you want? What will satisfy you? Make you happy?

Are we not killing enough of them?

Are we not killing them fast enough?

Efficiently enough?

Brutally enough?

Now that you’ve gotten us all angry, what do you want to do? There are 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide. How much blood are you prepared to spill to WIN?

As good Christians and good Americans?

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