Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekly News Quiz

First, too good not to quote, from Katha Pollitt's New Year's Resolutions at The Nation:
4. Don't think your lifestyle can save the world. I love slow food! I cook slow food! I shop at farmers' markets, I pay extra for organic, I am always buying cloth bags and forgetting to bring them to the supermarket. But the world will never be saved by highly educated, privileged people making different upscale consumer choices. If you have enough money to buy grass-fed beef or tofu prepared by Tibetan virgins, you have enough money to give more of it away to people who really need it and groups that can make real social change.
I never wanted to be a bobo anyway.

(h/t Daily Kos)

And now today's quiz.

Which of these MSM news stories from this past week is actually true?

A) Bush wants to open your mail without obtaining a warrant.

B) Bush wants all Britons to be scanned for FBI fingerprint database.

C) Bush wants to escalate the war in Iraq.

D) Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran.

Sorry, trick question. They're all false.

See, A is FALSE because opening your mail without a warrant is illegal, and the president would never do anything illegal; B) is FALSE because they already scan two fingers in England and all European Union nations, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and now just want to do all ten fingers; C is FALSE because the president calls it a "surge"; and D is FALSE because the Israelis have denied the traitorous MSM report.

Those who guessed it was a trick question get a Freeper decoder ring.

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