Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who would Jesus nuke?

On Ed Schultz's radio show Tuesday, a woman -- Wanda -- in one breath (timestamp 6:05 here) identified herself as a Christian who didn’t believe in killing, and in the next said her remedy for Iran’s fiery president Ahmadinejad was, “… I’d nuke him. I’m telling you. I’m hard right.”

Just not hard Christian.

She claimed not to want to take innocent life. (We have excellent guidance control technology, she said, for knocking out the people we need to knock out.) But insisted that Ahmadinejad should die –- and anyone close to him, presumably –- because “he’s a bully.”

That’s it? He's a bully?

No. We’ve been hit by terrorists since 1971, she said. Iraq may not have had anything to do with September 11th, but attacking Iraq was justified. They were involved in terrorism, even if not directed at us.

“Iraq is right smack in the middle of people that hate us. And Iraq hated us too. I mean, look at … Saddam had a price on George I’s head, so I mean you know that they … given the chance they will strike out at us at any opportunity.”


Iran too. You know, THEM.

Two thousand years and Christianity has come to this. As another caller responded on Wednesday, "Who would Jesus nuke?"

In Wanda's new American century, fear is not an option. Two hundred and thirty years of American idealism has come to this:
You’re scary? You don't like us? You’re dead. THEY are dead. Whoever THEY are. Whatever country THEY are. Anyone not like me who I find threatening … or potentially threatening … and who says scary things I don’t like. And is disrespectful to the United States in public before a microphone.

Whether or not THEY have the means, the motive, or the opportunity to act on whatever I think THEY plan to do to about it ... someday.
The first thing we do, let's kill all the frighteners.

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