Wednesday, March 14, 2007

South Pathetic

George Bush outlined his plan for postwar Iraq, then he colored it.

Comic Jim David is a friend from college who's in the area to do a couple of gigs, including his one-man show, South Pathetic.

It's been awhile. I've only seen Jim the last few years on Comedy Central's Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. He also writes ditties like this for The Advocate.

It's nice to know a couple of people who have been able to make it in show biz for so long, and in Manhattan. It's a long way from Greenville, SC.

Brush with fame trivia: Jim's old place in the east Village was used as Michelle Pfeiffer's apartment in Married to the Mob. More bushes with fame on Jim's web site.


Phil Burton said...

Jim David has a wonderfully caustic sense of humor. It is what all gays develop to some degree as a tool to help us survive the "morally wrong/religious right" people in this world.

I loved his "c" word for Ann Coulter. Yes, it's just a joke...and so is she.

Jim has performed several times at the ACT in Asheville. He is extremely talented.

Undercover Blue said...

Yup. It was great being back in the Furman theater for the final dress the other night. Especially since the old professor remembered me and related stories from a show I'd done thirty years ago. My picture's still up in the green room gallery.

We're going back Saturday to see Jim do the show with an audience.