Sunday, March 04, 2007

Suffering the vapors

In today's New York Times, Ann Coulter finally drew condemnation from prominent members of her party -- John McCain, Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney -- for her non-comment comment on John Edwards this week at CPAC.

Glenn Greenwald yesterday got his hackles up over reporters (like Howard Kurtz) who get the vapors over the "angry left" after comment trolling liberal blogs for noxious anonymous comments by posters from the lefty fringe. Meanwhile, prominent, nationally known conservative standard bearers get get a pass on offensive comments wildly cheered by conservative movement faithful. (For a sample, see a small collection archived here).
The people feigning upset over those matters are either active participants in, or passive aiders and abetters of, a political movement that, at its very core -- not at its fringes -- knowingly and continuously embraces the most wretched and obvious bigotry and bloodthirsty authoritarianism.
Strong stuff.

[h/t Digby]


And in the Jose Padilla case, the highest profile prosecution in the GWOT, the government revealed that it has lost a critical piece of evidence, a DVD “of the last interrogation of Padilla while in military custody.”

The dog ate their homework, too.

[h/t Glenn Greenwald]

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